SHE Shred: Beyond the Finish Line

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10 Week Comprehensive Program to take you BEYOND the FINISH LINE!

  • cross training
  • running
  • nutrition

Whether it's your 1st 5K or 5 miles for time, this program will help you train to meet your goal in 10 weeks. Incorporating cross training and fueling your body properly are key elements to any fitness program. Incorporating cross training exercises into a running program helps balance muscle groups. It strengthens your non-running muscles and allows rest for those muscles you’ve been overusing for running.

In these programs, you can expect to run at least three times a week and incorporate 1 to 2 days of cross-training & yoga.

This comprehensive plan will help build your fitness and reduce risk of injury by balancing your weaker muscles with your stronger ones, 

NOTE: Choose your program based on your fitness level. Your specific program packet will be emailed to you after 2/15/20 but before 2/22/20. This program officially starts 2/24/20. 

You will be added to SHE LIVE, where the cross-training workouts & yoga workouts are located. 

Team Tank: Your SHE Shred program INCLUDES a SHE Team Tank.

The email you will receive will include a COUPON CODE for your team tank that you can use to order your tank, in your size, at no additional cost. Find the Team Tank sizes here and order with your COUPON CODE.