SHE Journals: 12 month Fitness & Nutrition Journal

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Fitness & Nutrition Daily Planner, Journal & Tracker

by Teri Kallem

Research shows that people who track / record / journal their daily fitness and nutrition activities are 80% more likely to see results. 

'SHE Journals' is filled with all the resources, trackers and planning tools needed for your success. Free Digital Downloads available with purchase, for tracking: physical change, a weekly grocery list and a visual weekly activity tracker can be accessed with purchase of this journal.

‘SHE Journals’ includes:

  • 12 Months Undated Fitness & Nutrition Planning & Tracking Pages.
  • Goal Setting Tools: to help you dig deep and find your WHY.
  • Physical Change Tracker: ‘how to’ take your measurements and track your progress accurately.
  • A Cardio & Strength Guide: to help you understand how much cardio vs how much strength your body needs each week to meet your fitgoals.
  • Daily Fitness Tracking: to plan and balance your cardio & strength active minutes.
  • Nutrition Tips: it’s a lifestyle, not a diet! No fads or quick fixes here. Just REAL nutrition that works when you do.
  • Daily Meal Planner: a place to write in all meals & snacks.
  • Hydration Calculator & Tips: keeping your body hydrated CAN help you lose weight!
  • Meal Prep Tips & Tricks
  • 7 of My Favorite Clean Eating Recipes.
  • 3 FREE Printable, Digital Downloads: to supplement your weekly planner.
  • Convenient 5” x 7” Size
  • Weekly Mindset, Self-Care & Gratefulness Reminders.
  • Promise-to-Self Belief Commitment.
  • 30 Day Fitness Challenge
  • Yearly Accomplishment Statement

"SHE Journals' is a product of over 3 years of research & development of proven systems that empower women to get results and be the BEST version of themselves through their fitness and nutrition. 

My hope is that you enjoy using your journal as much as I have enjoyed creating it!