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We've SIMPLIFIED everything with a step by step guide that will EMPOWER you to create a HEALTHY sustainable lifestyle.   The full 10 Week Program includes:

  • Meal Plan - Learn how to create well balanced meals that will have you fueled up and ready to go!  
  • Grocery Guide - We provide a list of healthy foods you can plug into the meal plan to make it your own.  
  • Portion Control - Smaller more frequent meal in the proper portion will have you shedding fat and building muscle in no time.
  • Strength Training - A strong body means lean muscle.  You'll have multiple workouts to choose from that can be done at home or at the gym. 
  • Cardio Workouts - Build your endurance with fun cardio workouts.  Go to the track, backyard or pick your favorite piece of equipment at the gym.  
  • Video Demo Portal - Coach Teri demonstrates each exercise in the program so you'll know exactly how to perform them with proper form.  
  • Personal Coaching - You'll have a personal one-on-one coach to reach out to in time of need.  
  • Tribe - You'll have access to a private FaceBook group filled with like minded women all on similar journeys. Surrounding yourself with positivity, motivation and support will keep you focused and working hard toward your goals. 

All you need is a light and heavy set of dumbbells, a yoga mat, a medicine ball (optional) and commitment to the process and a positive attitude. 

Your program will be delivered via email in a PDF format.  Please be sure to download and save the program to your computer/device using Chrome as your web browser to avoid download issues.  You will only have 3 opportunities to download.

You will continue to have access to the private FaceBook group even after you have completed your program. 

You will have access to your personal one-on-one coaching during your 10 week program.  If you would like to continue the personal individual coaching after your 10 weeks it can be negotiated for an additional fee for service price. 

Please review our refund policy before you purchase your program.